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In 2013, after a long day in Paris as a Personal Buyer for designers, I was at last ready for dinner. I was in my favorite Montmartre section of Paris and peeking through restaurant windows to discover the right mood among diners to say, “yes, this is the one.” I often select a restaurant or cafe’ more on the ambiance than reading the posted menu. I ask myself, “would I be happy here?”

france april 13 118 I never miss an opportunity to glance into shop windows as I often find my most cherished pieces by accident. My hunger was put on hold when I discovered on rue Audran a small shop window filled with one-of-a-kind cafe’ size cups…each with its unique nose and lips.

The young woman artist and creator, Alice Lothon, was still inside working at her pottery wheel where she creates each piece one at a time. I loved all of her pieces…cafe’ size cups, cafe’ au lait bowls, and even large table-top size pieces. She could see my enthusiasm and between my not-so-good French and her not-so-good English, I learned the story of how she came to create her vision.

The next year, I brought my 12-year-old granddaughter to Paris and took her to Alice’s shop.  Alice remembered me AND my enthusiasm and she treated my granddaughter like family.

What a great surprise, our connection a year earlier led to Alice taking my granddaughter under her wing. Sitting side-by-side around the small pottery wheel, Alice taught her how to make her own unique cafe’ cup. More importantly, Alice showed her the soul of people we meet in travel.

Many people would just pop into Alice’s shop and buy some cups to take home. My granddaughter and I took home life-long memories!


image Travel offers many benefits, but there are things we miss….family, friends, and pets. Skype helps, but nothing replaces playing and snuggling with our favorite pets.

Le Cafe des Chats” at 16 rue Michel le Comte in Paris comes to our rescue.

You can now get your fix of Parisian coffee, tea, pastries, and even lunch while playing with some of Paris’s cutest kittens and cats! All the cats and kittens are from rescue shelters and all have been spayed.

Do not be fooled by this sleeping calico kitten. Once she was awake, she was like a 2 year old toddler, Going FULL TILT!

Her favorite pastimes were playing hide and seek in our plastic shopping bag and swinging from shoelaces.

The cafe opens at noon with crowds waiting on the sidewalk! Walk-ins are ok for coffee/dessert, however, it is best to have a reservation for lunch.